How to Travel the world no matter where you are at in life right now

The common thought most people have is that travel cost a fortune. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have always lived by the saying “When there’s a will there’s a way.”

Truth be told there’s many ways to hack travel and get out and see the world no matter where you are at in life.
A few years ago I wanted to go somewhere I have never been before. Being that I have a great love for Central American countries I wanted to go somewhere down there and I landed on the idea of going to El Salvador. Flights varied and some prices were over $400. I decided to figure out what airport in the United States would be the cheapest to travel there because I knew if I could figure that out, all I’d have to do is figure out how to get to that airport. I discovered that Ft Lauderdale had the cheapest flights and somehow I found a flight for only $50 from FLL to SAL. What a win. I immediately bought it even though I was still in the midwest. Next I needed to find out how to get to ft Lauderdale on the cheap. I got a bus ticket to Chicago on one of the Mega Buses for only $1 and than I was able to get to FT Lauderdale for around $70. So all in all my trip to El Salvador was $121. That was much better than the $400 tickets I was seeing.

Since than I have found other ways to hack travel including airfare, accommodations and food. I have found that I can travel from the USA to Cancun, Mexico for usually $100 or less and from there I can easily get to any country in Central America by bus on the cheap.

Once in Central America, I have done experiments to see how low I could go in terms of spending and still enjoying the good Central American life. $500 for most locations seems to be the sweet spot for a laid back lifestyle. That includes eating at local places, staying in cheap hostels and not going out partying every night.

3 Ways to live very cheap in Central America (Maybe even $100 or less a month if you’re careful)

1. Volunteering is the way to do it. Get on websites like HelpX, and to find volunteer jobs that offer room and board. Typically you will work 20 hours a week and meet amazing people. It’s all about the people 🙂

2. Travel slow and save. Some places it can be cheaper to rent a room, apartment, or house for an extended period of time. When I was in Antigua, Guatemala I discovered that homestay’s were sometimes cheaper than regular accommodations because you got meals and a room. Also practicing Spanish was great. Check out how I learned to speak Spanish fast at

3. Be Creative. Is there a service you can offer such as teaching English or any other skills you might have. I have seen travelers offer massages to other travelers, photographers offer to take professional pictures of property in exchange for a room, and musicians play in the city parks for change.

In my humble opinion Central America would be the perfect location for anyone to start their Internet Marketing Business. I will be sharing more ways to travel hack and do business in upcoming blog posts.

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