About Me

Welcome to my website for Travelers, Internet Marketers, and Businesses. Thank You for stopping by!
My name is Michael James Lewis and you can call me Mike if you’d like. 🙂

Here’s a little about me and my story…..

My Life Of Travel

I have been in love with travel my whole life but it was when I was 14 that I fell in love with International travel. I and my dad took a mission trip to the Island of Antigua where I experienced what it was like to meet people of a different culture and way of life. Of course I loved the absolute beauty of the places I’ve seen but what really got me to love travel is meeting people and making connections that went beyond religion, politics or race. It’s a wonderful thing.

Since I was 14 I was blessed to travel to Costa Rica 3 times in my youth on mission trips with Big World Ventures, an organization designed for young people to experience and get to know the world by giving and helping in different locations around the world.

In my twenties I explored every country in Central America except for Panama. (Someday soon) The countries I kept finding myself back in were Guatemala and El Salvador, my two favorite countries thus far. Antigua Guatemala is probably my favorite place to relax and chill. I appreciate the friendly people and the region. Most of the time I prefer a mountainous region to a beach.

My Life of Business

At a very young age my dad encouraged me to sell. There was a program for young people. (I want to say it was called Olympia or something like that) Well it was a catalog young people could sell products from. It had gift baskets, food, trinkets, and other random items. Whenever I needed money I would go door to door to sell from this catalog. This experience taught me valuable lessons that helped me in my career and business path. One lesson I use to this day is that people buy based on emotions just as much as they do need. I’m sure a lot of people bought from me because I was a young kid at their door step. So most everyone looked through the catalog and at least bought something small.

What will you find on MichaelJamesLewis.NET

I want to use this space to share my travel stories, business successes, and business ideas. The goal is to improve myself and to help you become successful as well.

I’m excited to share with you what I’ve accomplished both online and off and I know you will succeed too!