Travel Resources

Plan your Trip:

I use to find airfare at the cheapest rates. It is very rare that I find any other website that can beat googles collection of flights.


I use Airbnb to find hotels, houses, and hostels to stay in before I get to a destination. I like to book at least the first night ahead of time and than go from there.

Short on money or want to extend your trip as long as possible and get a rewarding experience. Follow these sites here:

This site has a membership of $39 a year but has a vast network across the globe of people looking for workers in exchange for food and a place to stay. Sometimes it’s on farms, in hostels, or on someones property. There’s a lot of unique experiences here. Typically you will work 20 hours a week in exchange for food and bed. Some places may just provide the bed and you must find your own food.

Similar to WorkAway. Worth checking out.

Learning and sharing sustainable living practices through volunteering on organic farms. This website has been around the longest and offers many volunteer opportunities on farms across the world.